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Certified Compliant – FMVSS 126 Pro Comp Passes Electronic Stability Control Test

by / Thursday, 30 January 2014 / Published in Blog


Pro Comp is proud to announce that it has tested and successfully passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 126) test. This highly specialized test was performed to show that the installation of a Pro Comp 6” suspension system, Pro Comp wheels and 35” Pro Comp Tires on a 2014 GM 1500 4wd would not compromise the performance and effectiveness of the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control system.

Unlike other manufacturers that have elected to do self-testing through laboratory simulation, Pro Comp’s testing was performed on a test track where the true capabilities of their products could be measured more accurately.

Testing was conducted on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 4WD. The truck was equipped with an off-the-shelf Pro Comp 6” suspension system, 20” Pro Comp alloy wheels and 35” Pro Comp Xtreme A/T Tires. The truck was then fitted with an elaborate array of sensors and test equipment to monitor all aspects of the vehicles movement and dynamics including a robotically operated steering wheel to assure precise and accurate tests.

On the closed test course, the Pro Comp equipped vehicle was accelerated to 50 mph at which point the test operator initiated the test and let the computer take over. The robotically controlled wheel spins abruptly; both left and right, up to 300 degrees in less than half a second and then returns back to dead center causing the truck to change direction and begin to slide. This event caused the trucks ESC system to activate and regain control. When the data was analyzed, it clearly showed that the Pro Comp products did not interfere with the performance of the ESC systems.

Adam Trowbridge, Brand Manager of Pro Comp Suspension, explains that the company elected to perform FMVSS 126 due to its relentless drive for quality. “We performed this physical test because we believe this stands as a symbol of our ongoing commitment to safety, engineering and technological advancement.”

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